Learning to play the piano is learning to create something beautiful that is all your own!  Besides being fun and educational, piano studies stimulate the imagination, instill confidence and a sense of well-being, and provide entertainment that can last a lifetime.  

Who Can Take Piano Lessons?


Everyone!  I am a piano teacher in Jacksonville and provide piano lessons to children, teens, and adults of all ages. I have a few spots available, particularly for kids age 6 and older. Whether you are a beginner who has never played an instrument and does not read music or whether you are already experienced in music, we can work together.  You will be introduced to the wonderful world of piano or build on what you already know and continue to grow and accomplish even more!

About Me


I started piano lessons at age 4 when I began imitating my older sister as she practiced.  After studying for 10 years with Dorothy Boot, I was admitted to the School of Music at Florida State University and studied with Sarah Robinson.  I enjoy taking lessons and have continued to do so as an adult.  I have studied with Giacomo Oliva at the University of Florida and in the studio of Nikki Groff.  I enjoy playing works of composers from all periods, Baroque through Modern, but have a special love for the works of Frederic Chopin.  


Frederic Chopin, composer

Leslie Knight, performer

Quatrieme Ballade (excerpt)

F minor, Op. 52

Studio Location

My studio is located in Jacksonville in Avondale near Roosevelt Boulevard and Florida State College at Jacksonville, Kent Campus.  It is especially convenient for people who live in Riverside, Avondale, Ortega, San Marco, San Jose, Murray Hill, and many other neighborhoods in Jacksonville

Leslie Knight Piano


(352) 219-2903 Text or call

Scheduling, Rates, and Getting in Touch!

I offer lessons at a time that fits your schedule, including mornings, lunch hours, afternoons, and evenings.

To inquire about lesson availability and rates, please email me at knightpiano1680@gmail.com or text or call me at (352) 219-2903. I hope to see you soon! 

Leslie Knight Piano