Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How often will I come for lessons?

You will have lessons once each week, on the same day of the week and at the same time.  Coming to lessons consistently is the most fun and allows you to grow and see progress in your musical development.

2.  How long will each lesson last?

Most lessons are 30 minutes, and we can accomplish a lot in that time period.  If you prefer to spend more time in your lessons, we can schedule them for 45 minutes.

3.  Is there an ideal age for starting piano lessons?

Whether you are an adult of any age, teen, pre-teen, or in elementary school, you are the right age to begin! One of the wonderful things about piano is that it can be learned at any age and enjoyed for a lifetime.  Depending on interest and attention span, it is possible even for pre-schoolers to learn and enjoy time at the piano.  I currently have a few spots available, particularly for kids age 6 and older and at any experience level, including beginners.

4.  What if I don't know how to read music?

That's very common and not a problem at all.  Learning to read music will be part of our early lessons and will give you a great feeling of accomplishment.  Once you have learned how, a whole new world of music will be open for you to learn and enjoy playing.

5.  What if I have taken piano lessons before but haven't played in a long time?

It's great that you are interested in playing again and you'll probably remember more than you think.  I will ask you to bring to your first lesson any music you still have so that we can determine a starting level.  Most people who have not played in a while - and that can be for years - are most comfortable backing up a little from their previous skill level until their fingers get moving again!

6.  I do not own a piano.  Can I take lessons?

Yes.  Buying a new piano is a significant investment but there are some good alternatives, including keyboards and used pianos.  I am happy to talk with you about how to locate and evaluate a piano or keyboard that's right for you.

7.  Do you teach more advanced players or only beginners?

I teach pianists of all skill levels, including beginners, advanced pianists, and all levels in between.