Enjoy Learning Piano

Individualized Piano Pedagogy

It is important to recognize that there should not be a cookie-cutter "formula" that is the same for every student who is learning the piano.  Together, we will choose fun repertoire and set an appropriate pace of learning based on your or your child's individual preferences and needs.

Also, I will make sure the student has clear instructions about what to practice in between lessons.  If, between lessons, you have questions about anything, you may always email me and I will answer

Having Fun and Enjoying the Piano

Mastering anything well takes a lot of dedication but should not be drudgery.  I believe that we learn best when we are happy and having fun as we work hard.  We will approach each lesson in that positive spirit.

The Magnificent Piano - A Unique Instrument

Music is fun to play by yourself and fun to share!  The piano is a unique instrument that takes on infinite moods and personalities.  It is good for our brains and lets us express any emotion we want -- we can play pieces that are happy, playful, dreamy, calm, energetic, jazzy, pensive, or soulful.  On the piano, we can sound like we are in command of an entire orchestra or shining as a soloist.

Well-rounded Piano Instruction

Becoming a pianist means learning more than playing notes and reading music.  We will also work on developing and improving technique and understanding music theory.  We will enrich the experience by sprinkling in some history with stories about composers such as Bach, Beethoven, Chopin. Debussy, Gershwin, and many other artistic geniuses whose music continues to delight and mesmerize us today.

Having Access to a Piano or Keyboard

If you do not have a piano in your home, you or your child can learn on an electric keyboard.  There are usually many used keyboards (and pianos) for sale online.  Before you decide to buy a particular keyboard or piano, play every key and make sure each one sounds.  Also make sure no key gets stuck in the down position after you strike it and let go.

I do suggest for each student to practice every day, so access to a well-working piano or keyboard will be needed.

Lesson Availability

I  have a few spots available, particularly for kids age 6 and older at any experience level.  I am looking forward to working with you!  For piano lessons in Jacksonville, please contact me at knightpiano1680@gmail.com or text or call me at (352) 219-2903.